What we do?

We build awesome mobile and web applications

Web Application

We make apps using the best techs around like Java Spring, REST API, and Thymeleaf. We cover everything, from design to testing.

Mobile Application

We design and develop for Android. We build using the latest designs and the best frameworks. We design using SketchApp, and develop using Java or Kotlin.

Consulting Services

We're great at what we do, and we want to share our skills in anyway we can. We can update your server setup and move it to any provider that you prefer.

Upgrade and Refactoring

Tired of your old app? We can solve that problem for you, we can upgrade, revamp or start from scratch.

How do we work?

All members of our team work remotely, we believe that creativity and productivity does not always appear at 9-to-5.

So, how do we work? We take advantage of the tools that are available, we use git  for code version control, trello  for project management, and slack  for communication.

We all do our part; we do daily standups with the team, and weekly meetings with clients.

This flexibility is a strength of this unique workstyle.

Are we the right team for you?

We're just a group people of who like to work together and create stuff

Problem Solvers

A problem always has more than one solution, and we always strive to find the best one. There's a certain satisfaction when you finally solve that puzzle you've been working all day.

Time Conscious

We understand our work lifestyle is not conventional, as such we tend to be more conscious of deadlines, we work and communicate accordinly.

Curious People

We are a blend of different backgrounds and cultures, we are always ready to question the norms; as they say, good is the enemy of great.

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